Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Meet Paul

This is Paul.  He's a shoe shine guy in one of the airports that I traveled through in recent days.  He gave me permission to take his picture.  He says lots of people ask for his picture.  He reports that he is 85 and has been shining shoes at various places around the country since he was 15 years old!  I asked him how he likes being a shoe shine guy, and he says he loves it and he makes a pretty good living.  I was surprised by that. I guess I expected him to say something like, "It is what it is," in a sort-of dreary voice.

My question is:  What gives a guy like Paul the ability to be positive about life?  My answer is:  There must be some gospel voices singing in his soul.  Somewhere, somehow, somebody has been singing gospel songs to him that remind him he is a child of God, he is treasured, he is made in God's image, he has been forgiven of his sins.  I think that without that message singing in our heads it's awfully tough to be positive about life.  And maybe that's why I think gospel words are so important in preaching.  What do you think?

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