Saturday, September 6, 2014

Graffiti Gospel

My wife, Ruth, and I were out for a bike ride this afternoon when we came around the corner at Mill Pond in Austin, Minnesota where we live and here was this colorful graffiti.  It was done this summer by some kids in our church.  I had heard about it, but only now saw it for the first time.  OSLC, by the way, is for Our Savior's Lutheran Church and the kids who painted this obviously have a love for God and for music.  Pretty cool.

What isn't obvious is that this mural was painted over something else.  If I remember correctly there was some gang graffiti here prior to this and so not only did the group eliminate that, they proclaimed the Gospel as well.  Way to go!

Our world is filled with violence.  Perhaps it is part of our call as followers of Jesus to bring an alternative world view - that there is a promise that is greater than the violence.  It is the promise of God's love, which is alive in God's people.  Sing on!

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